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As the most trustworthy Civil Construction Company in Tuticorin, Noah Infrastructures is widely recommended by our clients since we constantly produce results of the highest grade. The needs of our consumers are, however, consistently met by us. Quality assurance, the submission of drawings and justifications, bringing exact concepts to life, etc. are some of our areas of expertise. Furthermore, we provide a range of services for all projects, including HVAC, plumbing, carpeting, and electrical. The time schedule and price range are what guide our work. The structure’s planning and construction won’t burden any of our clients.

Our Services:

Design Build

Design and Build

On your behalf, we manage the complete documentation and government approval procedure. Additionally, our in-house design and build team handles all of the tasks mentioned above and project management by understanding the client’s needs, designing and developing, producing architectural and structural drawings, etc.

Civil Contracts

As the leading civil construction company in Tuticorin, we offer a one-stop shop to satisfy all needs and specifications for building construction. Because we have an internal team for everything, our clients do not need to look for and recruit separate teams for design, architecture, etc.

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Interior Contracts

Noah is now offering more turnkey interior solutions. We will design your area without sacrificing its utility by taking into account your ideas and realistic possibilities.

Why Noah?

Comprehensive Solution:

 When embarking on a construction project, there’s no need to engage separate vendors for materials, interior designers, engineers, and more. We offer a one-stop solution, providing all the necessary services under one roof. Our turnkey solutions streamline the process for you.

Transparent Approach:

We keep everything very transparent all the way through the project. From initial planning to budgeting, we keep you informed about every aspect, including details such as the brand and quality of materials and the estimated time required to complete specific tasks. You can rely on us to deliver lucid and thorough information.

Timely Completion:

We take full responsibility for completing tasks and delivering drawings on schedule. We understand that delays in one phase can have a cascading effect on subsequent stages. Therefore, we prioritize timely completion, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Prompt Response:

We take pleasure in being incredibly sensitive to the needs of our clients. You can reach out to us at any time, and we will be readily available to address your queries and concerns. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring you experience no issues or discomfort when contacting us, regardless of the time.

Success Story

We have successfully finished over 50 projects, giving our clients hope. How we manage our projects, our expertise in the industry, our talented and experienced staff, our teamwork on the project, production with error-free outcomes, etc. are the factors that contributed to this success. Additionally, the success of our job is reflected in our passion for it.

Our Portfolio

We have a comprehensively-diversified portfolio of completed projects that includes Warehouses/ PEB’s, Educational Institutions, Community and Wedding Halls, Residential Apartments, and a wide range of other civil construction projects. Bearing our characteristic functional-yet-intelligent design stamp, browse through some of our most exclusive projects that have changed the skyline of Tuticorin.

Warehouse Contractors
Warehouse & PEBs
Commercials Contractors
Educational Institutions Contractors
Marriage Halls Contractor
Marriage Halls
Residential Apartments Contractor
Villas Contractor
Hotels Contractor
Corporate Offices
Corporate Office
Factories Contractor
Roads Contractor


As the leading residential Construction Company, we take immense pride in building your home. Our involvement in residential development projects sets us apart due to our core group of highly skilled and certified architects and designers. We strive to create qualitative and quantitative concepts, ensuring your home becomes a tranquil and comfortable place to live.

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We have successfully undertaken various commercial projects, including shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and wedding chapels. Our expertise extends to designing and constructing complexes with exclusive services. Our attentive approach and understanding of our client’s needs have enabled us to provide dependable A-Z services, meeting and exceeding their expectations.


What distinguishes us from our competitors in the industrial construction sector is our exceptional project handling and well-equipped inventory of advanced equipment. We offer various project management techniques tailored to each specific project type. Our extensive selection of cutting-edge vehicles, tools, and equipment ensures the efficient completion of industrial projects. Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the intended purpose of each building set us apart as industry leaders.

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Olive Tree Global School


Institutional construction companies like ours provide unparalleled services, designs, and construction for projects in educational and institutional settings. We have completed numerous projects that required top-notch amenities. When constructing facilities such as labs, indoor gaming spaces, libraries, multipurpose halls, and classrooms, we prioritize the needs of the individuals using them, particularly children. We take great pride in enhancing the educational environment for the future of our nation.


Our civil construction company excels in both constructing new structures and renovating existing ones. As full turnkey remodeling experts, we provide comprehensive solutions, making us the ideal choice for renovation projects.

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Interior Designs

We recognize the vital role of interior design in today’s fast-paced culture, be it in homes or offices. Interior design significantly influences the functionality of a space, promoting peace at home and facilitating uninterrupted work in office environments. Our expansive interior designs are tailored to meet the specific expectations of our customers, creating harmonious and functional spaces.

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