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Best Home Renovation Contractors:


Noah Infrastructures Pvt Ltd, the Top Construction Company in Chennai, that builds restaurants, schools, marriage halls, houses etc. We have completed many projects with clients’ utmost satisfaction. We priorities the clients’ need and demand and work accordingly. We help our clients achieve settings that are well within their budgets as a reputable construction firm by adhering to precise guidelines and timelines for every project. This care and respect towards our clients make our company stands unique among other companies. And also people love us for our quality services so that they are happy to approach us for their future projects.

Floor Extension:


Being the best Building Contractor in Chennai, the renovation services we provide are countless.  We are expert at extending the floor.  If you are feeling your space is too short to live or to work, if you are feeling like extending it, then Noah is the right choice.  If you are planning to convert the unfinished basement into a classy, trendy living or work space, come to us we will give you the spectacular outcome.

Vastu Experts:


We have the top vastu experts in hands who have clear and in depth knowledge in positions, structures and directions.  In case of renovating the house due to some vastu issues, if you have any problems in placing doors and windows due to lighting issue, then you can make a call to us. We will provide all the needed services on time.



The monotonous tone in our house will make us feel bore at one point of time.  We need changes often.  As the phrase, “change is the only thing that cannot be change”, we have to accept it.  But we can make it of our own.  We are top in renovating interiors to your taste.  Add some nice colors and art to your wall to give life to your house.

We, the best Home Renovation Contractors in Chennai, are pleased to complete your projects at your will.  We have never failed to deliver high-quality outcomes.  Please get in touch with us if you have plans to build individual villa or house.  We work hard to deliver high-quality goods.

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